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At Baasar Stones we are ready to turn your design dreams into reality
We are one of Melbourne's leading Natural Stone Suppliers.


We stock & offer a boutique range of exquisite, unique & popular Marble, Dolomite, Quartzite, Limestone & Granite slabs. Baasar Stones is a preferred choice for many of Melbourne’s residential and commercial builders, interior designers & kitchen designers.

Super White Dolomite is one of the most prevalent trends amongst homeowners and interior designers this year. Alongside being a durable alternative, the stylish appearance and sophisticated marble look make Super White the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Super White’s grey and white hues add depth and character in any functional space.  It provides an elegance that goes amazingly well with any kitchen cabinet colours and designs.

Super white Dolomite is denser than most marble. That means it’s less porous, which makes it less susceptible to staining and water damage. Since it’s tougher than marble, dolomite is also less like to chip, scratch and etch. 

All this makes super white dolomite countertops, island tops, splashbacks ideas for your kitchen and bathrooms.

Quartzite’s hardness offers an incredible aesthetic with dependable quality. As a decorative stone its growing popularity among designers & architects alike as it is highly resilient to stains, scratches and heat – Quartzite is a practical choice for people seeking an elegant product with the beauty of Marble which is easy to maintain to support their busy daily lifestyle. 

With elegant appearance, rich tones and eye-catching patterns, Quartzite Slabs are available in many unique colours to choose from. We can help you in understanding the unique practical features of quartzite slabs and help you pick the right one, matching the existing décor and theme of your dream home.

Benefits of Quartzite :

  • Low maintenance surface material for benchtops
  • Highly scratch, stain and heat resistant
  • Meet the hygienic expectation
  • Tolerate all sorts of cooking conditions
  • Available in many unique, eye catching colours & patterns

At Baasar Stones, we believe in quality. We stock only the finest quality European marble slabs in our Melbourne showroom. Each slab is carefully inspected to ensure we provide only the most visually appealing and high-quality slabs. We Stock classic Italian marbles including Calacatta Marble and Statuario Marble, as well as many different shades of grey marble and black marble.

At Baasar Stones leading natural stone, granite & Marble suppliers Melbourne, we offer a variety of granite slabs in many different colours. We specialise in white granite stone slabs for sale, but also stock a variety of exotic and hard-to-find granite styles, as well as an economy range. As a leading granite and natural stone supplier in Melbourne, we sell only the highest quality granite direct to the public.

The Final Outcome is Awesome


We are the premier supplier for top-quality marble benchtops and granite benchtops in Melbourne

At Baasar Stones, we maintain a philosophy of quality over quantity by stocking only the finest quality marble and granite from renowned suppliers around the world. Our team personally inspects all stone products prior to display and distribution to ensure that you receive the best marble and granite supply available in Melbourne.

Looking for Natural Stone Suppliers in Melbourne?

When it comes to picking marble or any other stones for your Melbourne home or commercial space, it can be overwhelming to make the right choice.

This makes it important to have a trustworthy and experienced marble supplier. Someone who can offer a variety of colours, patterns, and finishes as well as help you choose the ones that fit your preferences and budget.

Granite and marble suppliers in Melbourne who’ll not just help you choose but also professionally install with precision.

As a reputed natural stone supplier in Melbourne, Australia, Baasar Stones has been doing this for decades, meeting customer satisfaction for all their natural stone needs.

Sourcing natural stones in Melbourne from high-quality quarries and sporting a large inventory of slabs and tiles in various sizes and shapes, we have what it takes to offer you natural stones of your choice. From custom cutting to polishing, our team of skilled craftsmen is here to do it all.

Whether you’re building a new space or renovating an old one, let Baasar Stones help you find the perfect marble granite stone for your project. Connect with our natural stone suppliers in Melbourne for a free quote.

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Premium Stone Suppliers

Natural stones like marble and granite feature unique natural patterning, which means that every piece is one-of-a-kind. At Baasar Stones, you can view online or walk into our showroom to select the perfect slabs and stone benchtops to suit your design requirements. Our in-store experts can assist you with choosing a style to suit your existing cabinetry and flooring or create an eye-catching, bold feature. Our diverse range caters to homeowners with differing styles and budgets, which means you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Baasar Stones, reputable suppliers of marble in Melbourne, offers premium natural stones for various applications. We have wide range of products that reflect quality, elegance and finish. Our team of experts is always ready to help you pick the right natural stone products suitable for your project.

You can browse our selection online, but for the full experience visit our showroom at Campbellfield. You’ll be able to browse, touch and appreciate our full selection of marble and granite and discuss your requirements with our friendly and experienced team. Visit us today to experience one of the finest selections of natural stone in Melbourne.

Your Trusted Stone Suppliers in Melbourne

If there’s anything that sets us apart from other vendors, merchants, or marble and granite suppliers in Melbourne, it’s our years of credibility and trust among customers, as well as the benchmark we’ve set in the industry.

With decades of service, Baasar Stones has left no stones unturned in serving our customers with transparency, earning us immense positive reviews from clients big and small.

These include everyone from stone fabricators to kitchen/bath designers, regular contractors, construction management, building owners, architects, and more.

No matter what the size of your project requiring marble stone supplies in Melbourne, we can assist you. Simply reach out to our friendly team to learn how we can provide you with the best natural stones and tiles for your project, work with you and exceed expectations.

We Blend State-of-the-Art Technology with True Craftsmanship

As a professional supplier of stone slabs in Melbourne, Baasar Stones utilises advanced technology to measure and produce natural stone.

This gives us the ability to craft spectacular natural stone benchtops or flooring in Melbourne that aren’t just unique but also that leave a lasting impression on you and your visitors.

Our warehouse in Australia houses a plethora of carefully selected natural stone slabs of limestones, granite marble, quartzite, and travertine to name a few, and can even tailor stones to meet your unique needs. So, stop lookup up “stone suppliers near me” and simply let our Melbourne stone suppliers know about your stone requirements now.

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Our aim is to supply the most unique & premium quality Natural Stone slabs

Baasar Stones is Preferred Choice of Australia’s Leading Interior Designers, Architects and Developers.

Google Reviews

Graeme & Tammy Miller
Graeme & Tammy Miller
I couldn’t recommend Abhi and his business Basaar stone more highly. I was very particular in terms of the stone I wanted. When I went to see his supply initially there wasn’t the exact stone I required but Abhi understood my needs and shortly after my visit he was informed of a new supply to come in and it was exactly what I wanted . Abhi was communicative , responsive and very helpful. The stone is of exceptional quality and more beautiful (and cheaper) than stone from other suppliers like CDK and signorina. Thank you Abhi for your exceptional service and the magnificent Tal Mahal quartzite stone you supplied us .
Nick Lonsdale
Nick Lonsdale
Great company, extremely responsive and get quality. Abhi was a pleased to work with.
Sabina Vohra
Sabina Vohra
Thanks for an amazing transformation of my kitchen. Great pricing, timely installation of granite kitchen benchtop. Thanks Abhishek for your suggestion to go granite splash back, it certainly opened up my kitchen. Thanks for a seamless job and your suggestions. Same space yet my kitchen looks so much bigger!!
Apurv Chatter
Apurv Chatter
Wide variety , good quality and amazing owner helped me throughout .. thanks
A Kaur
A Kaur
I made an appointment to meet with Abhi at Baasar Stone and it was an awesome experience. Abhi was so knowledgeable and experienced with design and styles. He helped me pick the perfect combinations of marble for 2 bathroom remodels and my kitchen .I was not expecting to have everything decided, so painlessly , in such a short period of time. They have large warehouse and huge selection of all you can imagine in your house . I highly recommend to visit this company if you are planning to start any project for your home or business.
Jamie Cachart
Jamie Cachart
They have some beautiful stone and great service.
Michael Clifton
Michael Clifton
Adhi was very friendly & efficient to deal with. Very professional small business with Harry doing the check measure & the installation team on the day doing a great job. Will use again!!!
Tonson Thankachan
Tonson Thankachan
Hello, We compared a number of stone masons for the works I required. Bazaar stones at cambellfield came the lowest at a good margin. contacted them to clarify a number of issues and they came back with professionalism as I expected. The installation was done on the day I wanted them to do. Prompt response and best natural stones. Just love my bench top. Regards Tonson Thankachan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Natural stone refers to any rock or stone that is found in nature and is not artificially manufactured or created. It is formed through natural processes over millions of years, typically through the cooling and solidification of molten lava or the accumulation and compaction of minerals or organic materials.
Engineered stone is man-made using crushed natural stone mixed with resin, while natural stone is formed in nature through geological processes.

Marble, granite, dolomite, and quartzite are all well-known and widely used natural stones. Marble is famous for its timeless beauty, while granite is known for its durability. Dolomite is recognized for its unique composition and characteristics, and quartzite is prized for its stunning colours and patterns. Each of these natural stones has its own distinct features and applications, making them popular choices for various architectural, interior design, and landscaping purposes.

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Whether marble or granite is better depends on the specific context and intended use. Both marble and granite are natural stones with their own unique properties and characteristics.

Marble is known for its luxurious appearance, with unique veining patterns and a smooth, polished surface. It is softer and more porous compared to granite, which means it maybe more susceptible to staining, etching, and scratching. Marble is typically recommended for interior applications such as countertops, flooring, and wall cladding, where it can be properly maintained and protected.

Granite, on the other hand, is a harder and more durable natural stone that is less porous than marble. It is known for its resistance to staining, scratching, and heat, making it suitable for a wider range of applications, including both interior and exterior uses. Granite is often used for countertops, flooring, wall cladding, and outdoor installations such as pavers and monuments.

In general, marble tends to be more expensive than granite. The cost of natural stone, including marble and granite, can vary depending on factors such as the quality, rarity, and availability of the stone, as well as the location and market conditions.
Recommended stones for kitchen benchtops are granite, quartzite, dolomite, and marble.
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