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Statuario Marble


Statuario Marble Slab

Statuario Marble, like Carrara and Calacatta, is also mined in the famed marble-producing region of Carrara in Italy.

It is one of the highest quality white marbles available. Since ancient times, it has been highly prized for use in sculpture, architecture and for decorative purposes.

Statuario Marble is renowned for its striking, luminous white field and fluid, bold grey and gold veining. It immediately evokes feelings of luxury and classical style.

Demand for Statuario Marble is generally quite high, while the output from the Italian quarries is fairly low. This makes it one of the most exclusive types of marble in the world.

When luxury style and elegance and are your top priorities, Statuario Marble cannot be beaten. It remains one of the most sought-after types of marble in the world.

Using the Statuario Marble in Your Space

Not only does the Statuario marble slab adds a luxurious touch to any room, it can contribute to a comfortable living environment. Its unique composition helps regulate indoor temperatures—cool during the scorching summers and cozy in the chilly winters, eliminating the need for heavy curtains or bulky furniture.

Being durable, these slabs can also stand the test of time, offering resistantance to heat, scratches, and stains. With a diverse palette ranging from the deepest blacks to the purest whites, including hues like beige, brown, and grey, your choice of Statuario marble can expect a great number of design possibilities. With that said, Statuario marble slabs can be considered as a good investment, a natural stone that can elevate your home’s value in the long run.

Ideal for Every Purpose

The Statuario marble slabs can be ideal for any interior and exterior design. When used in the kitchen, they can transform anything from floors to backsplashes and countertops. You can extend the beauty of Statuario marble extends to your bathroom too where it can grace floors with a timeless appeal or serve as a stunning backsplash complementing the sink area.

When it comes to living areas, especially in homes with open-concept designs, Statuario marble tiles infuse warmth and sophistication, enhancing the overall aesthetic. It's perfect for creating breathtaking patios. No matter where you use the slab, you can rest assured of compliments with the Statuario marble stone. Need high-quality Statuario marble slabs? We can help.

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