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Black Quartzite


Premium Black Quartzite Slabs

This is one of the most sophisticated, elegant and beautiful natural stones available and are ideal for modern spaces. Black and white interiors are always in style, and can be chosen for designing breathtaking kitchen islands, countertops, vanity tops, interior walls and flooring. If you would like to add a contemporary touch to your space, buy black quartzite stones from Baasar Stones. As a leading natural stone supplier in Melbourne, we stock and supply a massive collection of black quartzite stones at affordable prices. For further information and assistance, call (03) 9357 7780 and get in touch with us today.

Why Get Black Quartzite Countertops for Your Interiors

Black quartzite countertops are renowned for their versatility and durability, making them an ideal selection for a variety of settings, notably kitchens and bathrooms. As a bold natural stone, its ability to blend with diverse design themes is unmatched. Be it a contemporary, classic, or a blend of styles in your kitchen or bathroom, this natural stone integrates flawlessly, infusing a sense of timeless sophistication.

It’s also fairly easy to upkeep your stone slab, needing only regular sealing to prevent staining and preserve its luster. A gentle soap and water mixture is all that you need and can help you simplify your routine.

Adding countertops of superior quality, particularly those crafted from robust and aesthetically pleasing black quartzite, also helps boost a home’s value. As an investment, the black quartzite is more about just appearance, getting it will also ensure practicality and elegance your space needs to stay timeless all year long.

Maintaining Your Black Quartzite Countertops

A slab of quartzite in black while robust, still necessitates some care. To keep your polished black quartzite in top condition we recommend using gentle, low pH solutions such as regular soap and water or cleaners specifically designed for natural stone.

It’s important to avoid abrasive chemicals like ammonia, bleach, or those that are acid-based. These substances can erode the protective coating, diminish the countertop’s luster, and make it more prone to etching or staining.