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Calacatta Gold Marble Slabs


Get the Finest Calacatta Gold Marble

Looking for an exquisite marble slab for your benchtops? The Calacatta Gold/Oro might be one of your best choices.

Sporting a white backdrop with bands of interwoven grey and gold, the Calacatta Gold Marble is genuinely a unique piece of stone. Perfect to be used in the kitchen as a benchtop, island, or splashback.

At Baasar Stones, our Calacatta gold marble slabs also come in a wide range of colorations and typically have a noticeable veining pattern with lavish swirls and patches of contrasting colors, making them extravagant and fashionable. Check out our collection of excellent Calacatta marble slabs today.

Why Get Calacatta Marble for Your Home

A magnificent natural stone like Calacatta Gold Marble gives every room it’s in a brilliant beauty. The brilliant hues of shimmering porcelain illuminate the space, while the exquisite tons of soft ash and brilliant gold lend warmth and grandeur.

Bring in a Calacatta Gold Marble to your home to give it a luxurious contemporary, sophisticated feel from your kitchen to the bathroom. Simply transform your bathroom with glistening marble vanities, or fine countertops to add a touch of class to your kitchen. This natural stone is a fantastic option for any home that needs a sense of exclusivity.

Once you’ve chosen your Calacatta Gold Marble, we recommend you consider the texture or finish that best suit your marble in terms of placement and intended use.

The Calacatta Marble comes in several varieties like the Borghini, Gold, and Michelangelo. Because no other marble Calacatta stone has the unique tones as these, it’s extremely uncommon and sought for by enthusiasts. Also, since it’s harvested from the mountain itself with very little production, the overall value and market rate is high too.

Get the Finest Calacatta Gold Marble in Australia

Our beautiful Calacatta Gold Marble has warm grey and light gold veins that stand out against its base color of clean white. Bring in a warm and inviting vibe of the strong hues. This stone will certainly provide a touch of elegance to any indoor setting with its glistening threads and fawn ribbons.

Ready to create a statement? Whether you’re going for rustic charm or sophisticated refinement, we can help you get the best Calacatta Gold Marble slab to transform your space. Explore our range of Calacatta gold marbles today.

Get in touch with us if you’re interested in learning more about Calacatta Gold marble slabs with our team and we’ll get back to you right away.