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Calacatta Marble Slabs

With a distinctive look, bold veining and subtle colouring, Calacatta marble has been the most sought-after natural stone for luxury projects. This stone has a global appeal among architects and designers due to its comforting white background and graceful veins that vary in colour, ranging from golden to grey. As the shades of Calacatta are neutral, they can be easily paired with either light or dark woods to elevate or downplay the architectural elements. At Baasar Stones, we have Calacatta marbles slabs that are exceptional in appearance and attractive in patterns. Sourced directly from the world’s best quarries, our Calacatta Marbles are suitable for a wide range of applications, including kitchen Calacatta marble benchtops, tub surrounds, vanities, shower walls, fireplace surrounds and hearths.

What Makes this Marble Unique?

Because of their origin, uniqueness, history, and stunning colours and veins, Calacatta Marbles are highly popular. The distinctive dark and gold veins in this natural stone stand out against a striking white surface. Any room it resides in can come alive bright and shiny, exuding richness as well as exclusivity.

The Calacatta Marble comes in several varieties like the Borghini, Gold, and Michelangelo. Because no other marble Calacatta stone has the unique tones as these, it’s extremely uncommon and sought for by enthusiasts. Also, since it’s harvested from the mountain itself with very little production, the overall value and market rate is high too.

How Should I Care for the Calacatta Marble?

When taking care of your Calacatta Marble benchtops, we recommend you avoid using acidic solutions on the surfaces. Acidity and marble don’t mix well, and you risk etching your luxury Calacatta with any acidic cleaning solutions like vinegar, lemons, and more.

Another important rule is to wipe away spills immediately. To prevent ruining the Calacatta stone benchtop, spilled water, oil, and food stains should be cleaned up right away utilising a damp cloth. Marble can retain particles that can discolour the white background because it’s a naturally porous stone. To avoid stains and mold growing on your stone Calacatta marble, keep an absorbent cloth on hand for such situations.

Avoid using abrasive cleaners when cleaning too. While removing stains, aggressive cleansers can also strip your Calacatta Marble slab of its varnish and protective layer. Use only smooth, soft cleaning tools like sponges and towels. Hard brushes and scouring pads can produce scratches on your marble that make it appear dull, which is wrong for a high-end marble like Calacatta.

Calacatta Marble is quarried in the Carrara region of Italy, famed for its marble production since ancient times. One of the most famous and highly prized types of marble in the world, Calacatta Marble is a sumptuous creamy white perfect for creating luxurious, classic marble features.

Calacatta Marble typically has a bright white field with thick dramatic veins ranging in colour from gold to brown, beige and dark grey. The veining tends to not be linear, which helps to create bold, eye-catching patterns.

At Baasar Stone, we are Melbourne’s leading supplier of Calacatta marble and granite slabs. We stock a wide selection of marble, granite and dolomite slabs and stone materials at the best prices in town – simply give us a call on (03) 9357 7780.