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Grigio Nuvolato Marble

Elegant and sophisticated, Nuvolato marble is a timeless natural marble that originates from Greece. Nuvolato marble slabs feature grey shadowy veins over a white-grey background with a subtle grey-brown flecking that helps to create depth and texture. Nuvolato marble imbues any interior or exterior surface with a stylish character without being showy or ostentatious.

Nuvolato marble slabs offer a luxurious natural aesthetic that’s highly prized by architects and designers. Because of the subtle patterning and natural, neutral tones, it can be seamlessly blended into just about any decor. With its classic marble characteristics, it works equally well prominently displayed as a feature wall or blended into your kitchen decor as a splashback or elba marble countertop.

Nuvolato marble is a hardwearing, long-lasting and high-quality stone with a high level of durability. It’s perfect for kitchen benchtops and splashbacks, bathroom vanity tops, fireplace wall panel or even for feature walls. Like any marble surface, with regular sealing and proper care you can expect to get a lifetime’s use out of it.

Using  Nuvolato marble in the kitchen is a great way for any homeowner to add a touch of style and sophistication to your benchtops, splashbacks and even floors.

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