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Balwyn Project
Material Used: Calacatta Statuario + Nero Fantastico

Campbellfield Project
Material Used: Calacatta Statuario Newyork Marble

Camberwell Project
Material Used: Calacatta Statuario

What is Marble?

Marble is also a natural stone that is formed from limestone that has undergone metamorphism over millions of years due to heat and pressure. Marble is composed mainly of calcium carbonate and is characterized by its distinct veining patterns, which are created by the presence of other minerals that were present during its formation.

Where Can I Use Marble?

Marble is a popular building material due to its beauty, and versatility. It has been used in architecture and sculpture for thousands of years, and its timeless elegance is still sought after today. Marble is commonly used for countertops, kitchen benchtops, walls, flooring and other decorative features in homes and commercial buildings.

Marble benchtops looks stunning and can give a luxurious feel to your Melbourne property. However, it is a relatively soft stone compared to other natural stones, which can make it more susceptible to scratching and etching from acidic substances, so proper care and maintenance are important to keep it looking its best.

Why Use Marble for Your Kitchen Benchtops?

Choosing marble for your kitchen benchtops can bring forth a host of benefits. The naked eye easily captures the prominent grains of the rock, lending the stone its distinctive texture and patterns. Its timeless allure is enough to evoke an enduring elegance to your culinary space, fostering an air of refinement and opulence.

The cool and smooth surface of marble proves invaluable to baking enthusiasts, providing an ideal platform for working with delicate pastry and dough. Moreover, marble’s inherent resistance to heat ensures its resilience in the face of sizzling pots and pans.

While diligent sealing and care are essential to fend off staining, many homeowners find solace in the graceful maturation of marble. Getting marble benchtops for your Melbourne home will ultimately bring in show-stopping aesthetics, utility, and a timeless allure to enrich your kitchen experience.

How to Pick the Best Marble Benchtop?

When selecting the perfect marble benchtops for your Melbourne home start by evaluating the colour and veining patterns that align with the overall style of your kitchen. It’s crucial to choose marble kitchen benchtop slabs that showcase characteristics that resonate with your personal taste.

Given marble’s susceptibility to staining and etching, find high-quality stone options and inquire about available sealing methods to enhance its longevity. Your lifestyle and cooking habits should also play a role in your decision-making; if you frequently work with acidic ingredients, opting for a marble variety that is less prone to etching might be wise.

Also consider the level of maintenance that marble requires. We suggest collaborating with an experienced supplier or professional, as they can provide valuable guidance throughout the selection process.

Best Slabs for Marble Benchtops

At Baasar Stones, we offer a premium range of marble slabs that can add an aesthetic appeal to kitchen and the interiors of any space. Calacatta, Carrara, New York, Tundra Grey, Statuario and Nuvolato are the most popular choice in Melbourne.

A Leading Supplier of Natural Stones to create a perfect Marble Benchtops for your Home

Baasar Stones offers a wide range of premium quality natural stones that can add a touch of Melbourne’s unique style to your home decor. With a focus on quality and style, our stones are perfect for those who seek to enhance their living spaces with the charm and sophistication of Melbourne.

Whether you’re looking for a stone that reflects the city’s rich architectural heritage or a practical surface to showcase your coffee machine, Baasar Stones has got you covered. Our extensive selection of stones includes marble, granite, dolomite, quartzite, and many other natural materials that are ideal for kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, flooring, and walls. granite, dolomite, quartzite, and many other natural materials that are ideal for kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, flooring, and walls.

At Baasar Stones, the team is inspired by all things Melbourne, and we strive to offer products that reflect the city’s vibrant art, rich culture, exquisite cuisine, cutting-edge fashion, and innovative design. With the expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we can help you find the perfect stone to match your style and preference. Whether you’re a homeowner, builder, or architect, Baasar Stones can provide you with tailored solutions that meet your specific needs and budget. With our exceptional customer service and competitive pricing, we ensure that you get the best value for your investment. Trust Baasar Stones to deliver high-quality natural stones that will elevate your living spaces and add a touch of Melbourne’s unique charm to your home. Get your marble benchtops in Melbourne from Baasar Stones today!