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Super White Dolomite Melbourne

The absolute tone of snowy white background infused with delicate grey veins makes Super White Dolomite stone a perfect addition to any interior. This lavish stone exudes timeless elegance with its seamless blending of charm and sophistication. The innate beauty and seductive glamour of this stone provide a unique look to any room it occupies. As a stylish and cost-effective alternative to common marbles, Super White Dolomite has seen a surge in popularity among homeowners, builders, interior designers, and renovators in Australia. Baasar Stone is a leading natural stone supplier in Melbourne, sources and supplies only the finest dolomite slabs that are ideal for kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanity tops, splashbacks, fireplace surrounds, and many more applications.

Super White Dolomite blends well with both dark and light settings effortlessly. Super white dolomite slabs are one of our best sellers. It is highly recommended by designers, architects, and homeowners. Dolomite is preferred for its durability, easy maintenance, stunning look, style, finish, and the resemblance to marble.

Dolomite is a naturally occurring sedimentary carbonate rock, similar to marble, and available in a range of beautiful white and grey tones with rich quartz veining. Dolomite offers a stylish alternative to marble.

Super White marble is one of our most popular stones, highly prized by designers, architects, and homeowners alike. While it presents a similar design aesthetic to marble, it offers a range of additional durability benefits.

Super White Dolomite is one of the most prevalent trends amongst homeowners and interior designers this year. Alongside being a durable alternative, the stylish appearance and sophisticated marble look make Super White the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Super White’s grey and white hues add depth and character in any functional space, providing an elegance that goes amazingly well with any kitchen cabinet colours and designs.

Dolomite is denser than marble, meaning it’s less porous and less susceptible to staining and water damage. Since it’s tougher than marble, dolomite is also less likely to chip, scratch, and etch. All this makes Super White dolomite countertops, island tops, and splashbacks ideal for your kitchen and bathrooms.

Where Does Super White Marble Come From?

Super white marble is quarried in the southern region of Bahia in Brazil. The raw stone is then sent to various processors who shape and polish the stone into slabs. The slabs are inspected to ensure structural integrity and quality before being shipped to the Australian market. Baasar Stones then selects only the finest dolomite slabs for sale, making us the leading natural stone supplier in Melbourne.

What’s Dolomite Suitable For?

Dolomite is ideally suited to any application you’d consider using marble for. Perfect for interior use, Super White dolomite kitchen benchtops or splashbacks are a perfect alternative to marble. It’s less porous than marble, which makes it less prone to staining and water damage. It’s also heat-resistant and significantly stronger than marble, which makes it less likely to chip, crack, and scratch. Dolomite is also a great choice for bathrooms and even an elegant flooring option.

Why Buy the Super White Dolomite for Your Project?

There are several reasons why choosing Super White Dolomite slab for your Melbourne project, whether that’s for kitchen benchtops, bathroom surfaces, or external areas, is a smart investment. If you’re after a stone that exudes elegance, then this stone is all you need. Its increasing popularity stems from its marble-like appearance, featuring unique slabs with varying intensities of grey veining and shades of white and silver, ensuring each piece is distinctly elegant.

But it’s more than visual aesthetics that count when it comes to decor. The Super White Dolomite stone stands out not only for its visual appeal but also for its practical attributes; it’s a scratch-resistant, non-porous material ideal for high-traffic areas like kitchens. Its resilience against heat, pressure, and acidic substances makes it a prime choice for areas prone to spills and heat exposure.

What’s more, the Super White Dolomite price is also reasonable to marble, offering similar aesthetic qualities without the hefty price tag. Its easy maintenance, requiring regular cleaning and periodic resealing, ensures the stone remains pristine and white, retaining its luxurious appeal. By investing in the Dolomite Super White stone, you can ensure your space remains pristine and fresh for years to come.

The stone’s timeless elegance, characterised by its striking grey veins and soft white background will easily and harmoniously complement any decor style, promising a look that remains fashionable and sophisticated. Need help choosing a premium slab for your needs? Let Baasar Stones help you pick the Super White Dolomite benchtops for added reliability.

Maintenance of Dolomite

While dolomite is a tough and durable material designed to last a lifetime, like any stone, it does require some basic maintenance. We recommend always sealing your dolomite surfaces to prevent damage and help to protect them from moisture damage. It’s also important to clean up spills as soon as you notice them and to avoid using knives and other metal implements directly on the stone.

Let’s Talk Price

When it comes to Super White dolomite, cost is calculated based on the size and quality of the slab. While dolomite generally won’t carry the hefty price tag of a high-end marble slab, it’s important to remember that it’s still a premium natural stone, and that you’re paying for quality. To find out more about our range of dolomite slabs, give us a call on (03) 93577780 or contact us online.