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Taj Mahal Quartzite Slabs


Discover the Elegant Beauty of Taj Mahal Quartzite

Let the refined charm of the Taj Mahal natural stone slab captivate you. Ideal for various interior designs, from benchtops to flooring and wall panelling, it radiates a cozy and inviting ambiance. Its neutral tone gracefully accentuates diverse interiors, all while making a remarkable impression.

At Baasar Stones, we house one of the most exquisite Taj Mahal Quartzite stones for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking to deck up your kitchen interiors with grandeur or give your bathroom a more pristine makeover, the Taj Mahal Quartzite is the stone to go with.

Taj Mahal - CHAMPAGNE Quartzite 48022

A Stone that Oozes Luxury

Taj Mahal Quartzite showcases the pinnacle of modern design with its delicate cream/beige and brown nuances. Revered as a top choice among natural stone enthusiasts, its polished or honed finish breathes sophistication into kitchens, bathrooms, floors, walls, and even exterior spaces.

The stone boasts a gentle white backdrop interwoven with subtle gold strands. Renowned for its strength surpassing granite, the Taj Mahal Quartzite naturally exhibits flowing veins reminiscent of marble. Pick this to give your countertops or flooring the statement it needs across both your home and commercial space. The slabs can be tailored, brushed or polished to meet your unique design needs.

What Makes the Taj Mahal Quartzite So Special?

The Taj Mahal quartzite is cherished for its marble-like appearance but boasts the robustness and resilience of granite. Instead of the speckled or dappled pattern often associated with granite, Taj Mahal slabs flaunt continuous marbling, creating a harmonious flow of colour. Its palette is predominantly a luminous white, accentuated with rich, creamy tan or beige marbling, occasionally presenting deeper taupe undertones. Such a light and warm hue makes it a perfect match for kitchens with neutral or warm tones.

Given its natural origin, each Taj Mahal quartzite slab possesses a unique shade and pattern. Browse our collection to pick your ideal stone slab.

Choosing the Right Cabinet Colour for Your Taj Mahal Quartzite Stone

If you’re choosing the ideal colour for your Taj Mahal quartzite, then its neutral shades can effortlessly complement a broad spectrum of cabinet colours. While it’s warm variations complement beautifully with cream or off-white cabinets, its tan shades can resonate perfectly with cabinets carved from mid-tone to dark natural wood.

For a modern flair, we suggest you pair the Taj Mahal quartzite’s grey or white hues with a charcoal black or dark grey cabinet. Meanwhile, cabinets in sandy grey or navy blue stand out when combined with quartzite that boasts neutral undertones. If your preference leans toward warmer palettes, deep chestnut and chocolate brown cabinets beautifully align with the beige tones or striations found in this natural stone.

If you’re looking for a high-quality natural stone, namely a Quartzite like the Taj Mahal, then we at Baasar Stones have you covered. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you pick the finest stone slabs.