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Bring A Dramatic Look Into Your Home With Marble Fireplace

So, you have decided to install a new fireplace into your home. Whether you are building a brand new home or just upgrading the older one, a fireplace is a significant part of any room. If you need help with choosing the right material to use for your fireplace, take a look at the benefits that a marble fireplace can offer.

Add Warmth And Beauty To Your Home:

If you want to add the feel of coziness and visual appeal, marble fireplace can help you achieve that sophisticated look you have been yearning for.

A Great Option For Easy-to-Clean & Maintain:

If you have spilled any soot, drink or food on it, you can easily clean it with a damp cloth. Wiping the surface with a soft cloth every week will go a long way in avoiding the build-up of dust and keeping it looking elegant.

Resistant To Heat & Fire:

Marble is a dense, hard stone, and is not affected by heat. Not only it is resistant to heat and fire, but it is also resistant to water, making it a perfect choice for a fireplace. Even if you expose it to heat or spill anything on it, marble stone will not get damaged at any cost. 

Perfect For Any Style Of House:

Marble fireplaces are perfect for any home style. Whether your building mimics Roman, French or Greek, you will find the style that best suits the look of your home. Why not add a marble mantle over the fireplace for a dramatic effect?

Enjoy A Great Deal Of Permanence:

When you like to add a fireplace in your home, you need a very durable material. Marble is not only durable but is also heat resistant, which is why it was used in a number of ancient palaces and monuments.

With all these features, it is very clear that marble makes an excellent choice for visually stunning fireplaces. If you have any questions about marble fireplaces, call Baasar Stones on (03) 9357 7780 for help. As a leading natural stone supplier in Melbourne, we are happy to assist with any questions you may have.