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Five Good Reasons to Use Natural Stones in Your Shower

Your shower is where you begin your day, so keeping it clean and beautiful is important. If you are planning to give your bathroom a new look and enrich its elegance, it is worthwhile to invest on natural stones. Here are a few good reasons to consider natural stone materials for your new shower.

Energy-Efficient Choice:

Natural stone slabs can exclude drafty morning showers by absorbing conditioned air during summer and retaining heat in the winter, making them an energy-efficient choice.

Unique Design Options:

There are several types of natural stones available, including marble slabs and granite slabs. Each stone is available in a wide range of colours and patterns, so you will be able to choose the colour and type of finish you prefer.

Flexible Installation Options:

The natural stones are available in different sizes, shapes and specifications to choose from. No matter how small or oddly shaped your bathroom is, the natural stones can give a cohesive look to your shower.

Ease Of Maintenance:

As long as you follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions, the natural stone will not fade, crack or peel. Use mild cleaning agents and seal the stone shower regularly to extend its life and appearance. If needed, you can also polish shower walls and tubs to prevent build-up. However, make sure that you are not polishing the shower floors as they could become more slippery.

Best Return On Investment:

There is no other material that is durable as that of natural stone. Besides lasting a lifetime, natural stones add value to your home. Though natural stones seem to be more expensive than the ceramic times, they are more durable and offer a greater return on investment.

Where To Buy Natural Stones For Your Shower In Melbourne?

At Baasar Stones, we carry a wide array of natural stone products that you can choose from to keep your shower looking beautiful and elegant for many more years to come. Call us on (03) 9357 7780 to know what we have to offer.