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Natural stones, a non-man-made construction material, come straight from Mother Earth. Since it is both timeless and beautiful, it is widely used to create a conversation piece in modern homes. In addition to their natural beauty, these stones also offer great durability, making them the best choice for outdoor and indoor projects. If you are looking for a natural stone supplier serving Laverton North and the surrounding suburbs, you can rely on Baasar Stones. We have a large selection of natural stone options such as marble, granite dolomites and quartzite in different colours, patterns and hues to choose from.

Marble Slabs Laverton North

Marble is widely used to make fabulous countertops, bathroom vanities, etc. They are resistant to heat, stain and scratches, offering excellent functionality when installed in the kitchen or bathroom. At Baasar Stones, we are dedicated to providing our unique collection of marble stone benchtops and slabs to our Laverton North customers at reasonable prices. Our collection includes

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Granite Slabs Laverton North

Being a perfect fit for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, walls, flooring, shelves, vanity tops, etc., granite stones promise elegance and beautiful touch to any room where it is installed. Our granite slabs are available in a variety of colours and different finishes, so you can choose the one as per your personal preferences. We source only the finest stones and maintain a large inventory of premium quality products to choose from.

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Super White Dolomites Laverton North

Often mistaken for quartz or marble, super white dolomites have distinct features that separate them from other natural stones. The dolomite products that you find at Baasar Stones offer a long lifespan and outperform marbles in the long run. It also withstands stains, heat and scratches, requiring less maintenance to preserve its immaculate appearance.

Super White Dolomite

If our natural stone materials sound like the right choice for your home, visit our Campbellfield showroom or contact us on (03) 9357 7780.