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Quartz Or Quartzite – What Are The Differences And Which One Is Better?

Quartz and quartzite sounds like similar, but you may be surprised to know that these two materials are quite different. Both quartz and quartzite are used in construction, but quartz is an engineered stone material whereas quartzite is a natural stone. As a natural stone supplier in Melbourne, Baasar Stones has listed out the differences between these two stone types, making it easier for you to decide which one is right for you.

Man-Made – Natural

The biggest difference between quartzite and quartz is that the latter one is man-made while the former is natural. Quartz is made through a streamlined manufacturing process using ground resin, quartz and pigments. Quartzite is formed naturally when sandstone comes into contact with magma that is present deep within the earth’s surface.


Being man-made, quartz can be manufactured in any colour you need by mixing the raw materials and the colour pigment of your choice. Quartzite usually comes in shades of white or grey, but with the presence of certain minerals in the stone, they are found in gold, pink and reddish-brown hues.


Another great difference between quartzite and quartz is the need for routine care and durability of each material. The manufacturing of quartz involves a binding process which makes it extremely durable and resistant to chipping, scratching bacterial growth. On the other hand, quartzite is also highly durable, but it requires sealing like other natural stones to prevent it from getting stained.

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