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Different Ways Quartzite Can Be Used In A Building

Over the years, quartzite has become the most popular natural stone variety to be used in the construction industry. With the combination of durability of granite and pattern of marble, this natural stone has numerous contemporary uses in a building. Let’s look at how quartzite can be used in a structure.

Kitchen Countertops:

Being easy to clean and tougher than many other natural stones, quartzite is known to enhance the appeal and value of your home. It is resistant to heat, stain and chemicals, so you can expect your quartzite kitchen countertops to last for many years to come.

Façade Cladding:

Façade cladding is crucial for both aesthetical and functional reasons. Available in a wide range of colours such as orange, yellow, black, silver and white, quartzite is a good choice for exterior cladding.


When it comes to creating unique landscape designs, you can’t go wrong with quartzite. With its rough texture and durability, this natural stone makes a perfect choice for garden pathways. Its hardness and ability to withstand food traffic make this stone a great solution for paving balconies and patios. Due to its amazing colours and natural texture, quartzite can be used around your swimming pool to create amazing look.

Decorative Purposes:

Quartzite forms a significant component in adorning a building with its satisfying colours, elegant shades and glossy appearance. The sleek look makes this stone a lovely option as a decorative element in all sorts of buildings and structures.

Applications in Bathroom:

Polished quartzite looks smooth and shiny, and is widely used as walls, sinks, vanities, backsplashes and countertops in bathrooms. When it comes to flooring, honed quartzite is preferred as it provides better traction than the polished ones.

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