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Stone Benchtops Melbourne


At Baasar Stone, we offer a huge range of stunning granite, marble and natural stone benchtops Melbourne for kitchen countertops. Natural stones such as granite, marbles and granites offer luxurious look to your kitchen.  Engineered stone benchtops are the combination of quartz and resin, perfect alternative to the natural stone, as it’s easier to maintain and offer cost effective solution. Based in Campbellfield, Melbourne we offer delivery across victoria suburbs.

Stone benchtops are ideal for kitchens, living areas or entertaining areas. With our unique granite slabs and stylish marble slabs, your stonemasons can create a range of eye-catching features or practical benchtops to complement interior design or decor exclusively for your home.

Why Choose Stone Benchtops?

  • Extremely tough and durable (especially granite)
  • Stain resistant (once sealed)
  • Beautiful natural colours and patterns
  • Heat and chemical resistant (especially granite)

Granite Benchtops

Granite is one of the toughest naturally occurring stones, which makes it an ideal material for benchtops. It’s stain-resistant and won’t absorb moisture once sealed. It’s also highly resistant to heat, abrasion and chemicals and won’t chip or scratch easily. As well as being tough and durable, granite benchtops require very little maintenance and are easy to clean. 

At Baasar Stone, we offer a selection of granite for benchtops in a range of colours. Our granite selection ranges from the speckled whites of our Pegasus Bianco Granite to the elegant black-on-white contrast of our Nero Fantastico Granite.

Marble Benchtops

Luxurious and stylish, marble benchtops add an element of class and timeless style to any home. While not as naturally durable as granite, marble benchtops offer and look and feel that can’t be beaten.

Available in a range of colours and styles, from the bold and exuberant patterns of our New York Marble to the classical whites of the famed Statuario and Calacatta Marble from Italy.

Natural Stone Benchtops Melbourne

Browse the full selection of natural granite and marble slabs for your new benchtops available at Baasar Stone. To discuss options or find out more, give our friendly team a call today on (03) 93577780 or contact us online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Much Does A Stone Benchtop Melbourne Cost You?

The cost of a natural stone Benchtop depends on various factors, such as the type of natural stone you choose, its colour, size, thickness, source, rarity and more. However, you can expect to pay anywhere between $500 and $3000.

What Is The Cheapest Natural Stone Benchtop?

Granite is the cheapest natural stone benchtop in terms of pricing, but it scores higher in terms of quality, longevity, functionality, look and aesthetics.

Which Is Better - Granite or Quartzite?

When it comes to benchtops, you need something that is resistance to stain, scratch and etching. While granite is good at resisting stains and scratches, quartzite is better at resisting etching. Being equally harder, both granite and quartzite are good choices for busy households.

Can Hot Pans Be Placed On Stone Benchtops?

Though placing hot pans on natural stone benchtops will not cause any damage, it can cause discolouration on the spot when placed repeatedly. So, we recommend placing the hot pans onto a heat trivet or wooden chopping board.