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Natural Stone Suppliers Campbellfield

Baasar Stones, a leading natural stone supplier of Melbourne, has been supplying a wide range of natural stones such as marble, granite, quartzite and super white dolomites to our customers across Campbellfield and the surrounding suburbs at competitive prices. We source our products directly from quarries in many different continents across the world and are able to supply them at reasonable prices on a long-term basis. We combine the highest quality materials with cutting edge technologies to create natural stone benchtops that are visually stunning and pleasing. Our consultants can help you choose the most appropriate natural stone and guide you on masonry design to help you build your dream home.

Marble Slabs Campbellfield

Over the years, marble stones are seen as the synonym of luxury. This magnificent stone is loved by rich and famous people all over the world. Now, you can bring the same magnificence to your home by choosing marble slabs and benchtops from Baasar Stones. We have an extensive collection of high-quality marble products in different hues, patterns and styles that will leave you spellbound. Our collection includes

  • Calacatta Marble
  • New York Marble
  • Carrara Marble
  • Grey Marble
  • Black Marble
  • Statuario Marble
Marble Slabs

Granite Slabs Campbellfield

The prime qualities of granite such as style, beauty, resistance to scratches and heat make it an absolute delight for homeowners. At Baasar Stones, we have an unparalleled collection of premium quality granite tiles, slabs and countertops for different applications such as interior designing, flooring, wall, kitchen countertops, bathrooms, etc.

Granite Slabs

Super White Dolomites Campbellfield

If you are looking for a unique piece of natural stone for your home, you can’t go wrong with super white dolomites. At Baasar Stones, we have a large collection of super white dolomites that can be used for flooring, fireplace surrounds, kitchen benchtops, splash back and various other applications.

Super White Dolomites

Using Natural Stone for Aesthetics in Your Campbellfield Home

Using stone as a feature in various aspects of your Campbellfield home can bring a unique blend of elegance, functionality, and timeless appeal. The charm lies in its varied appearance — the intricate patterns of marbled or opal-like veins create a captivating gradient that can transform any space. For those seeking a touch of vibrancy, stones with striking blue lines add an extraordinary splash of color. Such a feature wall becomes a focal point, drawing the eye and elevating the aesthetic of the room.

A stone fireplace, on the other hand, epitomizes the essence of cozy and luxurious living. For those with an existing fireplace, achieving this opulent look is attainable by adding a rock veneer overlay.

In terms of flooring, travertine tiles are an excellent choice, especially in warmer climates like Australia. The vast array of styles and textures present in the natural stone not only enhances the beauty of your home but also helps keep it cool during the hot summer months.

Natural Stone Benchtops Campbellfield

Whether you are looking for beautiful natural stone countertops for your commercial space or modern natural stone benchtops for your residential space, Baasar Stones has a compilation of benchtops that will suit any purpose. We have granite benchtops, marble benchtops, quartzite benchtops and super white dolomite benchtops in various colours and patterns to choose from.

Have a question? Or need help with choosing the right product for your project? Feel free to call (03) 9357 7780 and talk to our team today!