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Natural Stone Suppliers Woodstock

Looking for good quality natural stones for your construction project? Here at Baasar Stones, we have a large collection of natural stone slabs and benchtops that are hand-selected to provide our Woodstock customers with top quality products at competitive prices. As a leading natural stone supplier in Melbourne, we have slabs and benchtops made of granite, marble, quartzite and super white dolomites in different specifications, sizes and colours to choose from. Regardless of your budget and preferences, we will ensure that you will find something in our showroom, matching your requirements.   

Granite Slabs Woodstock

Being elegant and appealing, granite worktops will quickly become the centerpiece of your kitchen design. At Baasar Stones, we have granite slabs and benchtops for sale in a wide range of colours, from black to pink and everything in between.

Granite Slabs

Marble Slabs Woodstock

If you are planning to give your kitchen a classic look, installing marble stone benchtops from Baasar Stones can be a smart move. Considered to be an investment, our collection of marble worktops is available in a variety of textures and colours, so you will find the style to suit your taste.

Marble Slabs

Quartzite Woodstock

Quartzite benchtops are both robust and beautiful, making them a perfect choice for various applications around the household. With Baasar Stones, you can be assured of getting a high-quality benchtop that is created to suit your requirements.

Super White Dolomites Slabs Woodstock

Super White Dolomites

Whether you are looking to create breathtaking marble floors, fantastic waterfall islands, elegant countertops or stunning backsplash, our collection of super white dolomites make a perfect choice. Quarried in Brazil, this natural stone variety of subjected to various inspections to ensure its quality and structural integrity.

If you are interested in finding more about our collection of natural stone products, we welcome you to call us on (03) 93577780 or visit our Campbellfield showroom. Our in-house experts would be happy to recommend the right products for your construction project.