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Four Great Ways to Use Granite Stones in Your Backyard

During the summer months, we all love to spend most of our time in the much loved backyard spot. Whether you are about to entertain your guests, kick-back under the sun or dine open-air, why not make your backyard perfect in terms of look, size, design and décor? There are so many ways to beautify your backyard, but incorporating granite stones makes it easier for you to reinvent its look. Here are some tips to enhance the look of your backyard using granite stones.

Granite Outdoor Kitchen Countertops:

One of the striking and traditional ways to use granite in your backyard is for your outdoor kitchen. Though designing an outdoor kitchen begins with installing cooking appliances, it all ends with the elegant countertops. Being weather resistant and durable, granite is an ideal material for kitchen surfaces.

Granite Fire Pit Topper:

A fire pit that is standing alone or built into your patio is a beautiful addition to your outdoor space. All firepits need a flame-resistant ring as well as a surface to place some drinks and appetisers. Granite is not only an accent piece but also a perfect topper for your firepits.

Granite Patio Paving:

Granite paving is one of the most gorgeous ways to use granite in the backyard design. They make the best material of choice for creating stone-shared artwork and to be used in walls and flooring. Small pieces of granites can be combined to create larger statues or create decorative circles, paths, mazes, mandalas and other interesting patterns in your paving.

Granite Topped Patio-Tables:

Patio tables topped with granite slabs make a beautiful addition to your patio. You can work with the natural stone supplier and fabricator to design granite table in circle, square, rectangle or any shape you prefer to achieve your favourite look.

These four tips using granite slabs stones would be helpful in adding beauty and luxury to your backyard. For more fantastic granite design ideas and for high-quality granite benchtops and slabs, you can get in touch with Baasar Stones, a leading natural stone supplier in Melbourne, by calling (03) 9357 7780 and talking to one of our in-house experts today.