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Honed And Polished Finish – What’s The Difference and Which One Should You Choose?

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom countertops, natural stones have become the most popular option for many homeowners today. These countertops boast unique and luxurious look while promising amazing performance and longevity. Installing natural stone slabs and countertops will also help increasing the value of your home. However, with so many variants, colours and finishes of natural stones, it can be difficult to settle upon a stone that is right for you.

When we think about finishes, there are two most popular options available – honed and polished. In this article, let’s discuss about these two types of finishes and figure out which one is optimal for you.

Natural Stones with Honed Finish:

Honed finishes have a satin look and are perfect for hiding scratches. Being very smooth to the touch, they make a great option for areas with high foot traffic. They can absorb water well and don’t get slippery when it is wet. All these features make honed finishes an ideal option for kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops and even for flooring.

The downside of honed finishes is that they take water very well, so it is important to wipe down the spills immediately to avoid stain marks.

Natural Stones with Polished Finish:

With smooth, shiny and glossy look, natural stones with polished finish create a luxurious feel. The polish itself acts as a barrier, protecting the stone from getting stained. Another beneficial feature of the polished finishes is that they require less re-sealing when compared to honed finishes.

Well, you should avoid using natural stones with polished finish in your bathroom areas as they become slippery when wet.

Honed Vs. Polished: How to Choose the Right One

Deciding between a polished and honed finish for your stone surfaces involves considering the intended use, your home’s interior design, and the ambiance you wish to create. For high-traffic areas like kitchens, polished granite countertops offer ease of maintenance, making spills simpler to clean, while a honed stone like Calacatta Gold marble might be ideal for an elegant fireplace surround in the living room, serving as a sophisticated centerpiece.

The finish you select can also significantly influence the room’s overall feel, with honed finishes lending a more casual, inviting atmosphere and polished surfaces reflecting a sleek, formal elegance. Additionally, it’s beneficial to view the stone in person if possible, due to natural variations in color and pattern, ensuring you find the ideal match for your countertops, vanity tops, or surrounds.

Balancing these considerations with your personal style and practical needs will guide you to the right finish, whether it’s for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, or other stone projects.

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