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Quartzite or Granite – Which Natural Stone Is Best For Kitchen Countertop?

When it comes to choosing natural stone countertops for your kitchen, most homeowners think about quartzite and granite. This is because it is believed that these two stone varieties share common features. Though it seems to be true, when you conduct in-depth research, you will notice some key differences that could influence your decision. Let’s see those dissimilarities in this article.


If you need a countertop that can hold up to acidic foods, abuse of chopping or hot pots, granite and quartzite make equally good choices. Granite measures 6-6.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale whereas quartzite measures 7.


You need a stone that is quite resilient and capable of holding up your household abuse. Though quartzite is harder than granite it is not as resistant to scratches as that of granite. On the flip side, quartzite is more UV resistant than granite.


In addition to functional properties, you should also determine the aesthetic properties before deciding upon the natural stone for your kitchen. Granite features a lot of dimension, depth and movement with dramatic interplay of colour and texture, ensuring artistic quality. On the other hand, quartzite embedded with tiny chips of quartz crystals lends a luminous sparkle and adds to the visual appeal of your home.


The cost of natural stones depends on various factors such as their type, rarity, thickness, size and place of origin. As quartzite is bit rarer than granite, sometimes it can be slightly expensive than granite. However, both granite and quartzite can last a lifetime when maintained properly.

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