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Top Natural Stone Varieties for Bathroom Remodeling Projects

Homeowners who are planning for bathroom renovations should remember that these projects are a smart investment as they can enhance the overall value of the homes and make them more appealing. When it comes to bathroom remodeling, using natural stones is the way to go. Following are the most recommended natural stones for bathroom.


Marble is often the first option for many homeowners as it goes beyond aesthetics. The elegance and beauty of this natural stone make it ideal for walls, flooring, vanities and shower surrounds. Available in a variety of colours, shades and patterns, marble stones add to the beauty of your home.


As one of the hardest natural stones, the ease of care and durability make granite the perfect choice for bathroom wall, flooring and vanities. Every granite slab is unique and comes in a variety of colours and patterns, so your bathroom looks distinctive from other areas of your home.


If you want to make a style statement in your home, quartzite makes a great material and serves as a showstopper in any space. It is a lower maintenance stone, so it can be used in a busy area of your home, especially in the main bathroom. As quartzite is a tough material, you don’t have to worry about fading of its beautiful colours or getting damaged.

Super White Dolomite:

With grey and white countertops becoming more popular in the recent times, investing in bathroom countertops and vanities made from super white dolomites is an intelligent move. This stone is a great option for those people who are looking to achieve the look and durability of marble but at an affordable cost.

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