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Why Quartzite Makes A Brilliant Choice For Your Home’s Interior?

In the recent times, quartzite has become a preferred material that is increasingly being used for interiors in modern buildings. Homeowners, architects and interior decorations love the sophisticated looks of quartzite. Its elegant appearance and earthy colours combined with brilliant sparkle makes it an optimal choice for home interiors. This natural stone is also highly durable that it can be used for accent walls, bathroom and kitchen countertops. Let’s see the benefits of using quartzite in your home.

Different Colour Choices Available:

Quartzite is available in different shades, ranging from earth-toned shades to neutral shades such as beige, grey and white. In addition to these regular colours, you can find quartzite in other rare shades such as pink, green, blue and red.

No Need To Worry About Etching Or Scratching:

In the Moh’s Scale of Hardness, quartzite measures 7 which is higher than granite that lies between 6 and 6.5. This means that quartzite can withstand daily usage scratches when compared to granite. Moreover, it is also resistant to acids, so you don’t have to worry about etching.


The stain resistance of this natural stone depends on its composition. If the minerals are bonded tightly during the metamorphosis, then the stone will be stain resistant. If the minerals are not tightly bonded, the stone becomes prone to staining.


With less maintenance and periodic sealing, you can expect the stones to last forever. Just like all other natural stones, you need to wipe down the spills immediately to avoid eternal damage to the surface. Also, using trivets for hot pots keeps your quartzite surfaces looking good for many years to come.

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