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Marble Tiles Vs. Marble Slabs: Which Is The Best Option?

Ask any stone suppliers in Melbourne, they would highly recommend marble stone for your home’s design projects. Yes! Marble is a desirable natural stone used in construction and architectural design purposes due to its high-end appeal, durability, and easy maintenance. Marble stones are available in tiles and slabs. Both are used for various floorings, countertops, backsplash tiles, stone Benchtops, sculptures, and more.  If you choose natural stone for your home, consult with the best natural stone suppliers Melbourne for home design recommendations. In today’s blog, let’s compare the durability, maintenance, and installation of marble tiles and slabs, so you can decide the best option for your home.

Difference between Marble Slabs and Marble Tiles

Marble stones are a cost-effective alternative to expensive natural stones like quartzite, granite, dolomite, and other natural stones. Slabs are pieces cut in to your desired thickness, size, and shape. These marble slabs are thicker than tiles, stronger, and weigh more than marble tiles.

Grain Patterns

Marble slabs are available in large sizes and have bold grains; they cover a larger surface area, providing an equal look and consistency, whereas marble tiles are thinner than slabs with no uniformity in the pattern.


Marble slab installations are tricky. Faulty or careless installation could do more damage to your home and even result in the breakage of slabs. To ensure the installation is proper, hire a designer or construction partner to help you out. Unlike slabs, marble tiles are easy to install compared to slabs.


Both tiles and slabs require maintenance and periodic sealing and polishing to look good.  Marble stones are highly porous and prone to stains. Despite their looks and long-lasting nature, they can be stained, so avoid spilling stain-causing foods or using highly-acidic harsh cleaning agents.


If you want to give your home a luxe feel, marble slabs can give your home a brand-new-look. They have fewer joint lines with long and bold patterns, which can make any background, flooring, or countertops big, spacious and appealing. Marble tiles can also bring your home floor a supreme look If you plan to install tiles, consider buying high-quality marble tiles with similar grain patterns to form a uniform look for your flooring or back splash tiles.

So if you like to enjoy the class, quality, and durability of marble stones, talks to the expert stone suppliers in Melbourne – Baasar Stones. For more information on Marble & Granite slabs, call us at (03) 9357 7780 today.