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Why Choosing Quartzite For Flooring Is A Great Choice?

When it comes to flooring, natural stone has been an all-time favourite choice for most people. It is very pleasing, appealing and will bring glory to your property. Among all natural stone variants, quartzite has become a popular flooring option in the recent years due to its simple, appealing and modern design. Here are the top reasons to choose quartzite flooring to other natural stones.

Why Choose Quartzite Flooring?

Quartzite flooring is an extremely popular choice in terms of elegant appearance and tremendous durability. Formed from sandstone and other minerals under heat and pressure for millions of years ago, quartzite is a versatile choice for flooring option. Available in numerous colours and textures, quartzite slabs can be used both outdoors and indoors. The quality and features of quartzite make flooring the best alternative to other natural stone variants.

Perfect For Interior & Exterior Flooring

The durability of quartzite allows this stone to withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy foot traffic without losing its appearance. Featuring a cool and sophisticated finish, quartzite creates sparkling look and are suitable for both exterior and interior flooring.

Stylish Flooring Choice

Quartzite is not only durable and strong, but is also a stylish flooring choice that goes together with your interior design. Available in a wide range of colours, veins, textures and styles, quartzite flooring can bring about a great look when used in bathrooms, living rooms, kitchen and hallways.

Resistant Properties

Quartzite is resistant to heat, scratch, stain and etching, so it is ideal for various applications. It is also resistant to chemicals and can’t be damaged by cleaning products. Thanks to its resistant properties, it can withstand abrasion and resist most environmental conditions.

Need For Low Maintenance

Being highly durable, tough, sturdy and hard, quartzite needs only a little maintenance when compared to other natural stones. All you need to do is to seal the flooring yearly to minimise etching and stains. Wiping up spills immediately and using trivets for hot items will help protecting the stone’s surface.

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