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Top Four Types Of Natural Stone Countertops That You Will Love

Natural stone countertops can bring timeless, luxurious aesthetics to your kitchen. Unlike many other man-made countertop materials, natural stones also carry a slice of nature into your cooking area. If you are considering installing new counters or updating the existing ones, keep reading to find out the most popular types of natural stones for your kitchen countertops.    


If you are looking for a countertop with an excellent balance of sturdiness and look, you can’t go wrong with granite countertops. This naturally occurring natural stone adds unique depth to your space and look fresh for many years to come. Its durability, resistance to scratches, stains and heat is unparalleled, making it an ideal material for kitchen countertops.


Marble is a cool and sophisticated option when it comes to fashioning the interior design of your kitchen. Unique shading, markings, patterns and striations present in this natural stone provide an elegant appearance to any kitchen. With regular sealing and proper maintenance, these marble kitchen countertops last longer.


Quartzite kitchen countertops come with a wide range of benefits. They are available in a large variety of colours with sleek, uniform, high-end finish. Moreover, they are non-porous, meaning that they don’t need regular sealing.  They are less prone to harbouring germs and bacteria, so cleaning and disinfecting the surface are quite easy and simple as well. If you are looking for a natural stone countertop that is easy to care for and maintain, then quartzite can be right for you.

Super White Dolomite:

These white and grey countertops are surfing on the trend and have become a great choice for those people who are looking for countertops that are more durable and less expensive than marbles. Super White Dolomite is highly resistant to wear and tear, and can last for decades if proper care is taken.

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