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What Makes Natural Stone A Perfect Flooring Material Of Choice?

Natural stones have fascinated the attention of the construction industry for many centuries and been used as a luxurious material option for flooring. In spite of the advent of artificial flooring tiles like ceramic and porcelain, the natural stones have retained their charm till today. Here are some reasons why natural stones make a perfect material of choice for flooring.    


Being hard and tough, the natural stones are suitable for areas where high foot traffic and wear & tear is expected.


 Natural stones have low porosity and weather resistance, so they last longer, perhaps for centuries, when compared to other flooring materials.  


All natural stones feature veins, patterns, grains and have unique colours. The combination of all these aspects provides the material with natural beauty that you may fall in love with.

Weather Resistance:

Most of the natural stones have strong resistance to heat and frost. Their low porosity and water absorption characteristics make them water-resistant. They also remain cool during the summer months and warmer on cold nights.

Easy To Maintain:

Surface treatments such as coating, polishing and finishing make natural stones less prone to staining and more resistant to water absorption and dirt retention. As a result, they hardly need maintenance.

Increase Property Value:

Regarded as the luxurious material in the construction industry, natural stones increase the reselling value of your property. The natural beauty of the stones lures the attention of the prospective buyers and tends them to put the stamp of choice to your property.

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